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Ranked among the nation's most integrated healthcare systems, Community Health Network is Central Indiana's leader in providing convenient access to exceptional healthcare services, where and when patients need them—in hospitals, health pavilions, workplaces, schools and homes.

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Surgical services

Community Hospital North operating roomCommunity Health Network, through its convenient hospitals, surgery centers and endoscopy centers, is Central Indiana’s most preferred surgery provider, delivering unsurpassed service to our physicians and their patients. In partnership with our expert medical staff, we offer innovative and individualized surgery options. We are committed to efficiently and safely delivering the highest quality surgical and recovery care, creating an exceptional experience for physicians, patients and families alike. To learn more about our surgery options and find a surgeon, please call 800-777-7775.

Surgery center locations

Surgery centers are available near you in Central Indiana. Find a facility for surgical care >>

Featured surgical services

da Vinci surgical systemThe da Vinci® Surgical System is powered by state-of-the-art robotic technology. The system allows your surgeon’s hand movements to be scaled, filtered and translated into precise movements of micro-instruments within the operative site. The magnified, three-dimensional view enables the surgeon to perform precise surgery in complex procedures through small surgical incisions. More about the da Vinci® Surgical System >>

Hope for Jan Miller

Read Jan Miller's IORT story >>

Jan Miller underwent IORT, a groundbreaking treatment for breast cancer in Indianapolis

Community Breast Care was the first in Indianapolis to offer a new breast cancer treatment for women age 45 and older who have early breast cancer—intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT).

This groundbreaking treatment is targeted, which results in less overall radiation therapy with similar outcomes to the standard six-week treatment course.

Additional benefits include less irritation of healthy breast tissue, minimized exposure to the chest cavity and underlying organs, and fewer skin reactions, such as redness, rashes and irritation. Learn more >>

New colon health surgical treatment options at CommunityCommunity Health Network and Colon and Rectal Care offer several advanced techniques that expand the spectrum of colon health treatment options available to patients. Besides screening colonoscopy, newer surgical techniques available include Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM), Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection (STARR) and robotic assisted da Vinci® colon surgery. Learn more about these innovative colon surgical procedures >>

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a condition in which the pelvic organs - bladder, bowel, or uterus - protrude into the vagina. POP can cause symptoms such as a vaginal bulge, pelvic pressure or discomfort, or difficulty with bladder or bowel function. Many factors are involved in the development of POP, such as weakening of the pelvic muscles, damage to the connective tissue or nerves of the pelvis, and chronic conditions or activities that increase abdominal pressure. Treatment options for pelvic organ prolapse >>

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), an abnormal increase in cereobrospinal fluid in the brain, affects up to 375,000 Americans. The symptoms can be alarming—difficulty walking, urinary incontinence and mild dementia or memory problems—and they might resemble Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases.

Community neurosurgeons can treat NPH with a procedure that is quick and easy to do, and has minimal risk. The treatment allows patients to return to a full, productive life, with symptoms often diminishing within a few weeks. Even dementia, which is usually irreversible, can be lessened if it’s caused by NPH and has been treated properly. More about NPH diagnosis and treatment >>

Community Surgery Centers

Community Health Network offers Community Surgery Center locations throughout Central Indiana. These state-of-the-art outpatient surgical centers provide a wide range of outpatient surgical procedures for both children and adults. They feature home-like environments that help reduce the stress and anxiety that may accompany surgery. More than 98 percent of our patients rate their experience with Community Surgery Center as either very good or excellent. For more information, visit

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