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Assisted fertility services

Many of us have dreamt of one day starting our own families. We have also found through life’s lessons that not all of our dreams are easily realized. For those who have tried unsuccessfully to conceive a child, the prospect of one day having a family may seem impossible. This does not mean that all hope should be lost.

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To schedule a new patient consultation with Community Fertility Specialty Care, please call 317-621-0600. More about appointments.

Assisted fertility services and Dr. David Carnovale of Community Fertility Specialty Care are dedicated to the care of patients coping with infertility. Our comprehensive assisted fertility laboratory services, experienced care team, and personal treatment approach will provide you with the answers you are seeking to your reproductive health questions. Read our mission and values.

Patient success stories

Watch as three couples describe their journey to becoming parents with the help of Fertility Specialty Care. More success stories >>

Our services

Community Health Network's assisted fertility services offers complete laboratory services, including embryology (in vitro fertilization) and andrology programs, fertility preservation (sperm and egg freezing) and embryo donation/adoption services through approved agencies. The reproductive biology lab assists with the diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems at every step, including egg and sperm retrieval, egg freezing, embryology services and embryo transfer.

Learn more about our assisted fertility services:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) (embryology services)
    In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most common assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment for infertility. IVF may be used to overcome infertility caused by a variety of factors, including tubal disease, endometriosis and male factor problems.
  • Egg freezing (fertility preservation)
    Assisted Fertility Services has been a leader in egg freezing for fertility preservation for the past ten years, with over 25 babies born since 1999—one of the most successful outcomes in the world.
  • Andrology (male infertility) services
    Andrology services include sperm analysis, sperm antibody testing, sperm freezing (cryopreservation) and sperm washing for intrauterine insemination procedures.
  • Embryo adoption/donation
    Our program offers embryo donation/adoption services for those who wish to adopt, or those who do not wish to thaw/transfer frozen embryos after IVF.

Schedule a consultation

To schedule a new patient consultation with Dr. Carnovale at Community Fertility Specialty Care, please call 317-621-0600. More appointment/location information >>

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